Here are some of the reviews I received from around the world.

A fascinating portal into the heart and world of a devoted family man and fisherman: his faith… his family…. his fish. Told throughout with poignant references and comparisons to scripture, the author’s unabashed honesty and candor ring as clean and fresh as the gin clear pools he fishes. Rarely does the reader have an opportunity to lay a book down and then know unequivocally that he is better for having read it.
Wayne Caldwell Simmons,
Artist and Author of The Story of Jules Verne: A Watch Pocket Dog.

Andrew Marshall Wayment has done a phenomenal job combining fishing, fun, family, faith and I would add, philosophy, to his Heaven on Earth book. In the process, he has provided many insightful ways and means of enjoying angling to its zenith. In addition, the fly fisherman will gain a hatful of fishing tips as he/she wades the Madison River and other favorite American fishing holes.

Hartt Wixom,
Author of Improve the World: Go Fishing! and Fishing: The Extra Edge

Andy Wayment’s book is about more than just fly fishing. It is an insightful look into life and what’s important, told through his experiences on the water.

I thoroughly enjoyed his perspective and his skill as a story teller. I highly recommend this book!
Bob White, Outdoor Sporting Artist and Writer,

If you fly fish, and you see God around every bend in the river, this book is for you. Andrew Marshall Wayment’s book is inspiring and thoughtful, particularly for fly fishers who understand that something divine lies within the pursuit. And, while Wayment states his religious beliefs, it’s done in a no-pressure arena that, more than anything else, encourages the reader to be somewhat introspective when it comes to the whole spirituality issue.

I loved the book, loved the storytelling and I loved the inspiration to examine my own faith. Mostly, though, I loved the way fly fishing serves as the avenue for all of the above. This is a terrific book, and I highly recommend it.
Chris Hunt,
Author of Shin Deep: A Fly Fishers Love of Living Water,

Andy Wayment has published his first book titled Heaven on Earth: Stories of Fly Fishing, Fun, and Faith. When I received my copy, I must admit that I couldn’t stop reading his stories and I found a connection between his fishing adventures and my own. What I loved about Andrew’s writing is how open and humble his words flow onto the page. The stories are of Andy’s life and range from learning the ropes of fly fishing from his father-in-law to rod-busting browns. The transparency of Andrew’s stories are beautiful and he masterfully weaves his faith and family in and around the water that he loves to fish…

As the title states, Heaven on Earth is heavy on fly fishing with a good dose of family and faith interwoven. I have much to learn from Andy, not only in writing, but in his ability to balance his passion for trout and the outdoors with a family and his career as a lawyer. I highly recommend reading Heaven on Earth as Andrew puts into words the passion and love of fly fishing, that so many anglers struggle to express.
Ben Smith,
Arizona Wanderings,

Heaven on Earth is a wonderfully, reflective opportunity to share moments in the life of Andrew Wayment. Individuals are frequently narrowly defined and identified by a single element of our lives. As a fellow attorney and upland bird hunter, I appreciate, enjoy, and relate to his observations that describe the connections and intersections between the office and the outdoors.

Although I do not fly fish, through this writing I picture the streams & rocks and hear the water traveling onward… like our lives, always onward, moved along with successes in spite of obstacles. I feel the sportsman’s thrill of the chase and the professional’s satisfaction of a task well done. As I read along, I am reminded of life’s daily wonders with family as well as the great experiences in nature.

Life offers us ongoing and simultaneous occurrences of awe and humility. There is tremendous value in sharing those wonders and experiences – Thank you, Andy.

Nance Ceccarelli,

Idaho Attorney and diehard bird dog lover and upland game hunter

Andy Wayment is a lawyer in Idaho, but after reading his book, along with following his Upland Equations blog it’s obvious that the outdoors, including fly fishing and upland bird hunting, are at the center of his passions. Of course, he and his wife have six children, so family is also important and will keep his nose to the law firm’s grindstone for years to come.

Still, the outdoors, and reading and writing about the outdoors, is an integral part of life for the author, and that integration of family, religious faith, profession, and the outdoors is totally seamless, and that integration is the true theme to his book…

Andy leaves the reader with the feeling that he is a man at peace with who he is and with his relationship with a loving Creator. In short, his is the story of a lucky man, a person you’d probably like to know.

Paul F. Vang,
Outdoor Writer, Butte, Montana,
Author of Sweeter Than Candy – a Hunter’s Journal

I met Andy some years ago and had a chance to meet his family too; I also bird hunted with him in Idaho. The book is an accurate reflection of his most cherished possessions: His Faith, his family and the great outdoors. At times it is almost poetry. Sometimes serious, often humorous but always Heaven and Earth makes you think about your own life, family and Faith. If I was 20 years younger I’d be grabbing an LL Bean catalogue and ordering out a load of fly fishing stuff. I think you will find this to be a book you can read more than once and parts of it will linger in your mind long after you’ve put it up on the shelf. The book is “pure Andy”.

Walter Bruning,
Secretary for the Original Board of Pheasants Forever

I found this book to be written simple at times yet also elegant as I enjoyed reading it. The author takes you as a “friend” into some very special places to ease your troubles and mind. You never get a hard sell or someone talking down to you, such a wonderful thing these days. You feel as if you could be standing with him and when you need a little help, He is there to guide you through a hard time with your fishing issues, or any issue for that matter. I felt the book touched every emotion you can think of as I lost myself in the packable sized pages. I have never met Mr. Wayment, but I know that I would like him. He is like the other smart ones who know that God walks with the true outdoors person. Then, if the location, water, and the time of day is right, the grace and beauty of fly fishing is brought out and showcased under beautiful skies for all to see. God Bless Mr. Wayment for doing and writing about the good things in this modern world.

Douglas B. Egenolf,
Author of The Last Seasons: Story of a Bird Hunter

Symbiosis is the association of two different organisms that live attached to each other and contribute to each other’s support. I wasn’t expecting to read about symbiosis when I first opened Heaven on Earth: Stories of Fly Fishing, Fun & Faith, but as I read Andy Wayment’s first book I realized that he tells a story of the mutually-supportive relationship he has with creek fish. Andy . . . describes how important the outdoors and fly fishing are to his mental, spiritual, and family health. While pursuing his passion, Andy witnesses the destructive acts of humans that threaten the delicate ecosystems that support his cherished fly fishing. The book reaffirms that the things that matter to us require our attention, efforts, and resources.

Ostensibly, Heaven on Earth is a mostly-chronological series of feel-good stories about a man and his passion for fly fishing. Writing in a tone reminiscent of John Grogan’s in Marley and Me, Andy provides a warm and welcoming look into his life from his earliest memories to his current status as a family man and successful attorney in Idaho. Despite Andy’s admitted obsession with fly fishing, the book really isn’t about a sportsman — it’s about a human and his relationships with others and nature.

Bradley T. Borden,
Professor, Brooklyn Law School, “The Symbiosis of a Fly Fisherman and Creek Fish,” The Huffington Post

As most fly anglers know, there’s a lot more to the sport than just “standing in a river waving a stick”, as fly fishing writer John Gierach put it. But few of us actually take the time to reflect on our fishing experiences, what they mean to us and how they shape us as humans. By providing a window into his world, Andy’s book gets to the heart of fly fishing as it relates to everyday life.

Andy Wayment is an interesting fellow. He’s a lawyer by trade, a die-hard hunter and angler, a dedicated family man, and a man of strong Christian faith. The intertwining of all these interests provides a unique background for the variety of stories he shares about his fishing experiences. And in each story, the reader is left with a morsel of truth, a lesson Andy gleaned from his experience and wishes to share.

Heaven on Earth is written in a manner that’s very easy to read. I think what I appreciate most is Andy’s humble writing style. He’s not afraid to admit when he’s wrong and point out his own mistakes, and at the same time avoids boasting when he’s perhaps earned the right to. While some may not enjoy reading all about one individual’s fishing stories, I found myself comparing Andy’s progression as an angler to my own, and smiling or laughing out loud when recalling similar experiences in my past…

Simply put, I found it easy to relate to Andy’s stories and his outlook on fly fishing in general. He finds an effective way to mesh his fly fishing with his spiritual faith, providing biblical references and perspectives from outdoor sporting writers along the way. While the pursuit of trout with a fly rod does different things to different people, I think all can agree there is a certain spiritual aspect to the whole experience. This book explains that connection quite well, and I found it a joy to read.

Jeremiah Wood,

Most of my wonderful childhood was spent in the woods and on the streams in the tiny crossroads called Bowman’s Creek in Pennsylvania. In this magic place two very fine trout streams came together. Two streams, four seasons, it was like having eight different streams at your doorstep but for me the raging floods that so often came with spring, wild wonder that they were, planted the seeds of a torrent within me that have plagued and brought me joy to this day. I have always had a gift to sense the weather coming and to feel a flood growing in the valley. The south slopes would be bare of snow but it would lie heavy on the north and then the warm wind would start to cut it and bring the rain. Soon there would be little rivulets of water leaping and racing each other to the valley floor. Slowly, ever so slowly, the waters of the Bowman’s and the Lenard’s would start to rise lifting the noise level and my boyhood anticipation with them.

I have just finished my friend Andy Wayment’s book Heaven on Earth. Somehow it reminded me of feelings eroded in my memory by the floods of spring. The book starts out slow and gentle; introducing Andy’s family, friends, and faith in whatever order the story line dictates. The pace quickens as I learn more about Andy, those around him, and the waters they fish. Almost unnoticed the sound of rushing water filled the pages and lifted my spirit and carried me along. Sometimes the water moves fast and deep and touches that spirit of faith that grows stronger for me each day. Sometimes the water leaps a boulder in the storyline and I would find myself laughing right out loud. Sometimes the water rushes in filling one of life’s backwaters and my eyes fill with tears.

I found myself rushing along the pages of this fine book. I wish the drift would have been longer it ended way too soon. But then isn’t that the way it is with fly-fishing?

Doug Deats, Writer and Dog Trainer,